The Petmitts process is completely safe and really simple. The whole process follows four simple steps from start to finish, our Print Kits come with a full set of instructions and the inkless wipe leaves no mess whatsoever.

Do you use ink to get the paw print/pet ‘mitt’? 

No, at Petmitts we use a completely ink-less system. Through patented technology, the Nekoosa Indentifier inkless wipes we use provide permanent images without ink! The process is clean, non toxic, simple, and highly effective. The Identifier system from Nekoosa is easy and mess-free. This inkless solution cleanly transfers your pet’s ‘mitt’ onto the paper without the smudged imprints that are so common with old-fashioned ink systems.

So what is the full process? 

The Petmitts process follows four steps. First order your Petmitts Print Kit from our online store. These are delivered by Royal Mail and fit through most letterboxes so you don’t even need to be home to receive your kit! The second step is opening your Petmitts Print Kit and getting yourself and your pet ready for action! The kit comes with full instructions. The third step is to take a clear image of your pet’s ‘mitt’ – make sure you include the whole ‘mitt’ in the photo and use the best quality camera you have available (most smartphone cameras will do). And finally, head online to and shop away! We have a range of products available which you’ll be able to customise to include your pet’s ‘mitt’ (make sure you attach the photograph before completing payment) and some items you can also customise with text. 


How easy is it to use the Petmitts Print Kit? 

Our A5 and A4 Petmitts Print Kits both come with an instruction sheet making the kits really easy to use. Once you’ve ordered your kit through our online shop, it’ll arrive through the post. Just make sure you and your pet are comfortable and follow the instructions outlined below. 

  1. Simply wipe your pet’s ‘mitt’ (paw, hooves, claw etc.). As there is no ink, the surface wiped will simply be moistened with the special, non toxic solution.
  2. Press your pet’s mitt onto the paper provided. The document has a unique coating that will react to the solution on your pet’s ‘mitt’ – be sure to use the correct side of the paper (One side will have a dot on it so you know its the correct side)
  3. Voila! A high quality permanent image of your pet’s ‘mitt’ will immediately appear. No special light or heat needs to be applied and there’s no clean-up necessary either!